Voice Lessons


Max Lawrence is the third generation of vocal instructors teaching the world famous Lawrence Vocal Technique, a pop/rock evolution of the classical Bel Canto technique.  He trained under his beloved father, Don Lawrence, a Juilliard-educated NYC vocal coach of over 50 years and the private voice coach of numerous celebrities including Lady Gaga, Mick Jagger, and Whitney Houston.  The Lawrence approach has been used to create a tremendous increase in vocal range let alone restore vocal cords damaged from nodules without the need for surgery.  Max brings his experience as a voice coach and his background in psychology to help performers achieve their full vocal potential with confidence in rehearsals, in the recording studio, and on the world stage!

The Lawrence Vocal Technique was developed over 80 years ago by Martin Lawrence.  It is a pop vocal technique that is designed to give the singer absolute and total freedom.  It is simple and effective: students will learn proper breath support and proper placement, unlocking the ability to sing light and free.  The singer is in control and will learn how to change how one thinks to best project a strong and rich voice.  This approach both allows the singer to use their voice 7 days a week and to discover confidence to release their inner performing artist.


Let it be understood that not everyone can or should sing, e.g., a young boy whose voice is about to “change”.  This could possibly cause serious damage to the voice.  A proper evaluation by an experienced teacher can determine this.  Female voices do not change. Therefore, they can learn at any age.  Come in for a free evaluation and see the difference an understanding and knowledgeable teacher can make!

More information about lessons with Max Lawrence, please contact our studio at (913) 735-9507 or our contact page.