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Study with one the best instructors in Kansas City area! We offer violin, viola, cello, and guitar lessons. If you need to prepare for orchestra auditions, or just want to learn to play an instrument, Music Academy of Kansas City is the place to do it! You can attend lessons in-person, or meet your teacher virtually from the comfort of your own home.


It does not take long to investigate the multitude of benefits of studying an instrument. Some of the most notable advantages of musical education are included but not limited to: increase in memory and cognitive ability, coordination enhancement, improved mathematical skills, deeper concentration, fosters self-expression and stress relief, promotes respiratory health, and most importantly - music is enjoyable and brings happiness into your life and others around you!

At Music Academy our approach to teaching is tailored to individual needs of each of our students and let them enjoy making music. Our teachers are highly trained specialists in their area! We provide lessons for all ages and levels. Whether you are preparing for orchestra auditions, state competition or just learning for fun, our teachers will guide you in your musical journey!


We offer first free trial lessons, where students and teachers could meet and connect with each other. Contact us to schedule your first trial lesson with no strings attached!

Call for your first free lesson

(913) 735-9507

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