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Our Programs and Policies


Do-Re-Mi Group Piano Lessons

Do-Re-Mi Program is 10-week group program that runs continuously all year. 4-level fun and interactive curriculum  designed to provide the students with a basic knowledge of the instrument, music education and acts as a springboard to private lessons. 

Tuition and Policies

Music Adventures Program

This program provides students with traditional one-on-one lessons, where students meet with an instructor once a week and explore the world of music in a friendly and supportive environment. 

For the students who are hesitant to jump into the lessons right away, we offer trial lessons for less than a half price, which allows them to enjoy the first lesson without being locked into a semester contract.


Tuition and Policies

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Master Music Lessons

Learn the art of performance and study with our Master teachers. This program is for students, who want to reach the top by learning from the best and also getting hands-on experience honing their craft through performing. Master Musician program allows students to participate in Master Class opportunities that MAKC provides exclusively for selected student every year, and participating in local, national and international competitions. 

Tuition and Policies

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