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Master Musician Program

The MAKCplus program is a program that will have emphasis on training students to perform and create, and at the same time to foster an understanding of music within a broader context of history, culture and tradition. We will provide instruction at the highest professional level, providing students with the opportunity for success and lifelong appreciation of music and its connection to the other arts. With programs for individual lessons, group instruction and online tutoring, we welcome our students to learn and create in a warm, family-like atmosphere.


All-inclusive program will encompass:


-Master Musician Lessons (30-min; 45-min; and 60-min. lessons):

      Program will be based on a curriculum of Russian School of Piano Playing combined            with programs of world-renowned American schools, such as Interlochen Young Artist          Academy, Curtis Institute and Oberlin Academy.

-Master Classes:

      Every year we have been fortunate enough to be able to invite a Master Artist to come        and teach at our Academy. With the start of this program, only student of Master

      Musician Program will be eligible to participate in these events.


-Competition and Audition Prep

      We are committed to nurturing your competitive side! Participating in competitions              does not always mean winning. It is about making connections, getting your name out          there and being seen by other professionals. Much like sport scouts, musical judges              are often famous pedagogues in prestigious schools and are always looking for talent.          We are here to prepare our students on a highest level and help you be in a right                  place at the right time.


-Public Performance Opportunities

      We believe that success is achieved with hard work and a lot of practice. How do you            gain experience being comfortable on stage? The answer is – practicing getting out                there and performing. We are at Music Academy are eager to help our students                    succeed in their musical ventures by providing those opportunities within and                        outside of the Academy.



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