The MAKCplus program is a Beta program that will have emphasis on training students to perform and create, and at the same time to foster an understanding of music within a broader context of history, culture and tradition. We will provide instruction at the highest professional level, providing students with the opportunity for success and lifelong appreciation of music and its connection to the other arts. With programs for individual lessons, group instruction and online tutoring, we welcome our students to learn and create in a warm, family-like atmosphere.


Beta version will include:


-Performance Classes (30-min; 45-min; and 60-min. lessons):

      Program will be based on a curriculum of Russian School of Piano Playing combined            with programs of world-renowned American schools, such as Interlochen Young Artist        Academy, Curtis Institute and Oberlin Academy.

-Musical Escapades (15-week / 45-min. group classes):

      This highly unique and integrated course offers instruction in the areas of music                  history, solfege (sight singing), listening (repertory), and music theory starting from              the most basic level and going all the way up to pre-college preparation. Two levels              will be offered in the Fall 2021 semester; and the placement exam will determine in            which level a student will be placed. Students will learn the skills needed to be well-            rounded musicians by virtually surveying the entirety of Western Classical music from        its inception to the classics of Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms, to the modern trends of          today’s music, and everything in between. In Musical Escapades students will explore          the music of different countries and periods, play games, and bring their                                understanding and love of music to a level that far exceeds that which can be learned        through instrumental lessons. This course is a compulsory part of all MAKCplus                    students’ education.

-Master Classes:

      Every year we have been fortunate enough to be able to invite a Master Artist to come        and teach at our Academy. With the start of this program, only student of MAKCplus            program will be eligible to participate in these events.


-Competition and Audition Prep

      We are committed to nurturing your competitive side! Participating in competitions            does not always mean winning. It is about making connections, getting your name out        there and being seen by other professionals. Much like sport scouts, musical judges            are often famous pedagogues in prestigious schools and are always looking for talent.        We are here to prepare our students on a highest level and help you be in a right                place at the right time.


-Public Performance Opportunities

      We believe that success is achieved with hard work and a lot of practice. How do you           gain experience being comfortable on stage? The answer is – practicing getting out             there and performing. We are at Music Academy are eager to help our students                   succeed in their musical ventures by providing those opportunities within and                       outside of the Academy.



Parent/Faculty and Placement Meeting


We are very excited about starting MAKCplus, and we determined for it to succeed. If you agree to sign up for the program, you will be invited to a parent faculty meeting where you could voice your suggestions and help us improve the vision for this program.


Also, during the meeting we will conduct a placement exam, to determine in which level of Musical Escapades your child will be placed.






30 min. $105 + $50

45 min. $158.+ $50

60 min. $210.+ $50




30 min. $500  + $200

45 min. $750  + $200

60 min. $1000 + $200