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American Sign Language

Group sign language classes are perfect way to start learning the basics of ASL. With our classes you will start signing from the first lesson.

When studying any language, practicing is the essential part of learning process; and in group setting you get to practice with your peers.

What You Will Learn:

- Vocabulary words

- Numbers 

- Alphabet

- Deaf culture

Sign up here or call us at (913) 735-9507.

Kayla McLeod.jpg
Kayla McLeod

Meet You Teacher

Hi! My name is Kayla McLeod. I'm the mother of 2 boys, married for 7 years to my best friend, moved from Idaho and lived in KC for four years. I'm excited to have this wonderful opportunity to share this beautiful language and culture with you all!


I have been deaf since I was born. I enjoyed sharing with others about this language and culture because I wanted to be able to connect and communicate with others. I taught classes for the campus ASL Association while I was in college at Brigham Young University-Idaho for about three years. I taught a thousand students there including my various roommates before I got married. I love it! I want you all to be able to enjoy and learn about this instead of being uncomfortable or afraid. Look forward to meeting all of you!

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